Meet Our Sales Team

At Shelford First – we love to listen! In fact before we put pen to paper and any plans are drawn, prices calculated or agreements signed, we take the time to sit down and discuss with you – the home owner– where you want to live and how you want to live. Only then can we begin to build a profile based on your needs, your wants and your budget, helping you make informed decisions about your best investment.

We are passionate about building, which is why so many Western Australian families build with confidence when they build with Shelford First. From financing your home loan, to securing the perfect plot of land, designing your home, building the dream and adding the finishing touches to your new home, Shelford First is here to help. It’s all in the detail – the detail you can see and the endless detail you can’t – so why not leave building the dream to the dedicated team at Shelford First!

Contact the friendly Sales Team at Shelford First on 9599 1500 and see why Shelford First is your first choice for value and quality!

Sales team standing in front of Shelford Office Building