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At Shelford First our people are passionate about building, which is why so many Perth people Build with Confidence when they build with the Shelford Group. At Shelford First, our people also love to listen and to take the time to discuss with you - the home buyer - where you want to live and how you want to live, helping you make informed decisions about your investment. Of course at Shelford First, our people also love to chat - about anything and everything - when it comes to building a new home!

From financing your home loan, to securing the perfect block of land, interpreting your dreams, understanding your vision, and adding the finishing touches that will make your house a home, our talented team is always willing and able to share their expert knowledge of the building process, from concept to completion.

Download one of our Free Fact Sheets below for expert advice on site conditions, construction materials and regulatory requirements that can impact on new home construction:

Soil ClassificationSoil Classification

Coastal ConditionsCoastal Conditions
Bush Fire Attack LevelsBush Fire Attack Levels

European House BorerEuropean House Borer
6 Star Energy Efficiency6 Star Energy Efficiency